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About Synergy® Wheels

The wheel that was designed for competitive skaters!

At the Worlds Inline Championships, the Snow White manufacturers saw skaters taking off and rotating in the air perfectly, but either slipping accidentally or when they performed tight turns.  Research showed that not enough wheel grip could be one of the reasons, but the wheel's profile also needed to provide sufficient stability for advanced step sequences, too.


The same sapplies to inline hockey players who need quick reaction, jumps, and tighter turns aggressively!  Following two diagrams explain how the 'old' wheels' profile work, not sufficiently as skaters complaining, in the artistic inline skating and inline hockey disciplines.

Through the cooperation with Custom Inlines Australia (known as its Custom V1® frame), Synergy® helps to solve this problem!  Not only the flatness at the center of the wheel allows skaters to perform camels and spins successfully, the larger radius on the sides of the wheel offers skater more control and deeper edging.  In general, Synergy® gives 40% more of the applicable angle range which competitive skaters have been seeking for long.

Succeeding from the top-grade PU material of SpeedMax® from BASF, the Synergy® is compounded by unique formula and harden by special process to an 89A durometer and high rebound characteristic in the wheel mill.   Synergy® also adopts the impact-resistant wheel core design that have been used for inline hockey wheels.  Not like the conventional spoked wheel cores or 'star' wheel cores used in the street inline skates, theSynergy® wheel core provides more PU material to efficiently respond and a risk-proof breakage for jumping and landing.


Synergy® wheel core prototype -

  • No conjunctive bridges on the groove.

  • Synergy® wheel prototype - 

  • Clear see-thru PU pouring.


The credit Synergy® has received from worldwide top skaters is as:

"I'm training with your wheels 'synergy'.. it's a fantastic wheels!!! I love it!!" - Eric TRAONOUEZ, Champion of 2008 worlds

"I really likes the wheel!" - Tammy Bryant, Champion of 2005 worlds

"I really loved the wheels. They're really good and awesome.  I really moved a loooott faster with them" - Diego Dores, Team Brazil 2008 worlds

"...must get hold of the new 'synergy' wheel. They will increase speed, spin better, last longer etc... etc..." - Wendy Hammond, UK


Wheel sizes: 72mm available only. 

If your Snow White® is equipped with 

64mm or 68mm wheels, you can't

use Synergy® wheels at this moment.  

Synergy® 64mm and 68mm may be available soon.

Durometer: 89A Rebound: High rebound

PU Color: Light greyPad print: Red/white/Black   

Order a set of 6 

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