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Inline Frame Sizing

You can use this chart for quick access to your Snow White® frame size for skating boot brands below. You will find similar charts for each brand in the product images. We strongly recommend you to measure your boots sole length from heel to toe as shown below and include those exact measurement with your order to help insure proper sizing.


Please read the following instructions carefully to find your Snow White® frame size.


Step 1:

Use a ruler to measure your boot outsole from toe to heel as shown. Use this exact measurement to select your frame length. Do not use the size number printed on the outsole/footbed or the size information on your boot package. These numbers describe the inner dimension of the boot, but not the external length information needed to choose the correct Snow White® frame.


Step 2:

Find your Snow White® size from the chart above.

The Snow White® length is measured from tip to tip as shown in the picture to the left. 
We recommend using the next smaller size Snow White® frame for the best fit and skating performance.

For example, if your boot outsole length is 260mm, a size #16 (255mm long) Snow White® inline frame will be the proper size to choose.


Yes. Used ice figure skates can be converted into artistic inline skates if they are suitable for conversion:

  • Be sure the used boots are still rigid with good support.

  • Be sure the outsoles and heels are still in good condition and not rotten due to exposure to moisture.

  • As long as the positions of the Snow White mounting holes are different from the old holes for the blade, it is safe to proce ed with the conversion.


Ask us for more information, if you need more details about converting your ice boots.

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